make-shift is performed from domestic houses, with the resident(s) of each house being the “host” of the event. Hosts participate in some of the preparation and invite the audience into their home as their guests. In return, the host has the opportunity of being intimately involved in the facilitation of a unique event that is artistically and socially rewarding.

As this is an experimental performance format, we are interested in exploring different methods of hosting through conversations with potential hosts and by refining and adapting things with every event.

the house

make-shift can be hosted in an ordinary house or larger domestic environment such as a stately home. The house will need:

  • a broadband internet connection, preferably wireless;
  • a blank light-coloured wall that can be projected onto;
  • a living/dining space big enough to host 15 people, with a table for Helen/Paula to perform from;
  • the possibility to black out the room if the event takes place during daylight hours;
  • easy access to electric plug sockets.

the host

Good hosting is essential to creating the relaxed, intimate domestic atmosphere that is required for the performance. As host you will invite your friends, interested acquaintances and others into your home, and make them feel welcome when they arrive just as you would for a social occasion.

We also ask hosts to:

  • send us images of your house so that we can determine if it’s suitable and to use in the performance materials;
  • allow us to come for a pre-show visit, (perhaps a rehearsal) and have enough time in your house to set up before the performance and pack up afterwards;
  • work with the performers to make sure the room is safe for the performance;
  • invite the audience and provide them with information before the performance;
  • continue to “host” during the performance as required.

the audience

Audience members may be asked to contribute material to the performance by collecting, remembering or creating objects, texts, images. The audience need to understand that:

  • they will be visible on webcam and their image streamed onto the internet;
  • their image might be recorded and disseminated as part of the project.

booking and costs

Anyone can book the performance but dates will always need to be negotiated between two spaces. You can set up a date yourself with someone you know in another suburb, city, county, country or you can email us with a request and see if we can fix up a partner house.

As with any live event, there are financial costs involved in staging make-shift simultaneously in two houses. We are exploring the variety of ways that these costs can be met – from festivals paying a fee for the performance to individual audience members contributing a ticket price as you would for a movie or theatre performance. We will negotiate fees/tickets that are appropriate for each individual performance situation.

If you cannot host make-shift in your own home but would like to support it happening in a particular place you can make a donation towards the staging costs on the making it happen page.

Please email us if you are interested in hosting an event:

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