dave’s quiz

DaveHi everyone!

If you’re looking for my new quiz, Dave’s Quiz (part 2), which is part of the WWW:World Wild Web exhibition at Furtherfield, please click here.

Thanks for participating in a make-shift event. I’d really like to hear your feedback so I’ve made this little quiz for you – everyone can do it. You can fill in as much or as little as you want.

I’ll pass your answers on to Helen and Paula who will use them to improve make-shift. Particularly interesting thoughts and comments might reappear on other parts of our website, in the performance or on reports and those kind of things. We’ll only use your first name if we use them.


Name (optional):
Email address (optional):
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Date of the make-shift event you participated in:
What did you enjoy about make-shift?
What did it make you think about?
Is there anything you didn't like? (sometimes people say me but I don't take it personally...)
At the beginning of a make-shift event, we invite you to look closely at the painting "The Dancing Couple" by Jan Steen (1663) and think about what you see. What does it make you think about? (Click the ? to see the painting). ?
Name 4 non-biodegradable things mentioned in the make-shift event you saw and say where you think they are right now!
What do you think about built-in obsolescence? (Try not to swear)
Would you like to participate in make-shift again – online or hosting?
Where did you participate in make-shift? Select from the dropdown menu:
If you were watching online, how many people were at the computer?
How old are you?
Where do you live? (country, city, and/or region)
What is your current employment situation?
How did you find out about make-shift? (tick as many boxes as appropriate)

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