make-shift is free to view online and we want it to remain so. By purchasing optional ticket(s) for any number of make-shift events – ones coming up or for any that you’ve participated in previously – you can help to make this possible.


Ways to pay

The recommended ticket price is ten euros, but of course you are welcome to pay more or less depending on the relational value of your national currency, your personal circumstances, and what the project is worth to you. You will receive your optional ticket(s) by email.make-shift was born out of the desire to discover clever new ways to survive as artists and as humans within perceived environmental, financial and social collapses.Have we succeeded? Not yet… but we continue to reflect on and deepen our understanding of what make-shift is and can be, and how we can sustain it.

  • credit/debit card or PayPal: click the “donate” button > > > >
  • UK cheque: make it payable to Blind Ditch, and post to:
    PO Box 185 Totnes, Devon UK TQ9 9AU.
  • internet bank payment: email us for our UK or German bank account details.
  • cash donations at make-shift events are also welcome!
Donate to make-shift

make-shift aims to be low-resource, low-cost and free to view online. However there are still unavoidable project costs. If you enjoyed participating in make-shift you can make a donation to contribute to making future performances happen.

You can donate money or in-kind support to the project (accommodation, travel, equipment, etc.). If you have a suggestion for a performance location, please let us know – your money could help us get there. All donors will be acknowledged on this page (unless you wish to be anonymous).

Click here to view a list of our supporters.

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