audience survey

We are working with an independent evaluator to catch some thoughts on make-shift – both for ourselves and the project’s public funders! We’ve designed an anonymous audience survey to help us know what worked and didn’t, and most importantly how the project might have affected...Read More »

performing across a 13 hour time difference

this summer i am going home to new zealand for a visit; it’s going to be part holiday and part work, as we will perform make-shift a number of times over december-january. make-shift is a networked performance by myself and paula crutchlow that connects audiences in two domestic houses in...Read More »

in conversation - paula & helen

make-shift brokers Paula Crutchlow (UK) and Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/Germany) met in New Zealand in Wellington’s theatre scene in the mid-90s. After Paula returned to the UK in 1999 they remained in contact, and in 2010 began to conceive of a collaborative work that they could develop within the...Read More »

the inevitable unexpected problem

having successfully solved our problems with too many connections to the audio-visual streams (by switching to a provider that specialises in streaming), and dealt with the difficulties of streaming audio from two locations to a single interface (good lapel mics plus careful use of the mute button), i was...Read More »

grappling with streaming

i am working on a new networked performance, make-shift, in collaboration with paula crutchlow; we will be in 2 different locations, connected by UpStage and by live audio-visual streams from both locations. all of this is accessible to online audiences as well as an audience in each of the...Read More »

Furtherfield Residency


...Read More »

residencies & work-in-progress presentations

The development of make-shift officially began in July 2010, with a two-week residency at Furtherfield in London. I say “officially”, because Paula and I had been talking about the project for about a year already. Its roots go back to a performative presentation that we gave...Read More »

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