Meaningful Connections

Liminalities 10/1 is a special issue of the performance studies journal featuring outcomes of the Remote Encounters conference where make-shift was presented in April 2013. Video documentation of our presentation is accompanied by a framing statement written by Paula – view and read it...Read More »

a unique make-shift perspective

One of the challenges in documenting make-shift is the multiplicity of perspectives that the event creates. Participants can be in one of two houses where they are actively engaged in co-creating the event, or they can be online – perhaps in their own home, or at work, or in a group...Read More »

Remote Encounters

On Friday 12 April at 12.10pm UK time, Paula and Helen will gave a make-shift presentation at the Remote Encounters conference in Cardiff.

The performative presentation used the project’s purpose-built online interface to connect the symposium venue (where Paula was) and with Read More »

Music from rubbish

There are a lot of projects that recycle rubbish into many things – from creative projects that produce objects, paintings and so on to commercial businesses selling crafts from recycled materials or making PET bottles into clothing; but there aren’t many – that I’ve come across anyway – that generate...Read More »

Dave's Quiz (part 2)

Late last year, Dave’s Quiz (part 2) featured in the WWW: World Wild Web exhibition at Furtherfield’s gallery in Finsbury Park, London. The exhibition brought together artists who work and play with living organisms and technical things, systems and language, to explore...Read More »

we are making art to view at home ...

I really do wonder what the Tate Modern means when they say that their “live performance room” is “the only place you can see art made for you to view at home“. Quite aside from the myriad artworks available online for people to experience – live or...Read More »

make-shift at BIARI

Helen participated in the Theatre and Civil Society Institute at BIARI in June 2012, and presented two make-shift events from Providence – one as part of BIARI and one immediately after it ended.

Organised by Brown University, the Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) bring together...Read More »

the plastic we wear ...

Well into the twentieth century, clothes were pricey and precious enough that they were mended and cared for and reimagined countless times, and most people had a few outfts that they wore until they wore them out. How things have changed. We’ve gone from making good use of the...Read More »

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