live stage

make-shift interface screenshot

Welcome! There will be a live link here to the make-shift online interface, one hour before the next show begins. In the meantime, here is some information to help you have the best experience of the event.

When you enter the online interface, your screen should look something like this screengrab at the right. If it doesn’t, use your browser’s back button then click here for help.

You should hear live audio, sound effects and computerised speech during the show. You are welcome to chat with the other audience members, and to participate in the activities.

Click here for EspaƱol, Deutsch & Italiano translations of some of the scripted texts. You can keep it open in a separate tab to refer to during the show.

Have you got your plastic? (we ask you to collect your plastic rubbish – washed if necessary – for a 24-hour period and have it with you for the performance).


  • This interface does NOT work on iPads, as it requires the Flash player plugin which is not supported by iPads.
  • we have tested this interface in Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome; it will probably work in other browsers but we can’t guarantee it;
  • the light grey text in the chat window is input by the online audience – who could be anybody, anywhere; this is a part of the performance that we do not have any control over, and therefore we cannot take responsibility for anything that may be said by the online audience;
  • we think this performance is appropriate for people aged 12 and upwards; some of the content may be difficult for younger people to understand.


  • Your screen should look like the image above. If you are missing some of the bottom web cam, try maximising your browser window or going full-screen; if that doesn’t work, you need to increase your screen resolution.
  • You should hear live audio, sound effects and computerised speech during the show. If you don’t, first check that your computer’s volume is up, then try reloading the page.
  • This interface uses the Flash player plug-in which is preinstalled in most browsers; if you don’t have it, you can download it here.
  • If a stream freezes, use the “play/pause” button in the controls under the stream to stop and restart the stream.
  • If everything seems to have frozen, you can use the refresh/reload button in the browser to reload the interface; if you are still having problems, quit and restart your browser.
  • If the UpStage area doesn’t load or gives a “connection lost” message, it is likely that you are behind a firewall which is preventing access to UpStage. Please see the UpStage site for more information.

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