Dave's Quiz (part 2)


Welcome! I'm really glad you've decided to take part in my quiz.

Pick up a pen and the quiz (or download it here if you're not in the gallery), and circle the answer you most agree with for each question. Of course you might not agree with any, in which case you can make up your own answers and call them E. You can can enter these answers through the link below so I can add them in to future quizzes!

Add up how many As, Bs, Cs etc. you've chosen and whichever is the most, click the link below to view my special message to you.

mostly A | mostly B | mostly C | mostlyD | mostly E

I'm very grateful to John Levack Drever for his sound, Heiko Fischer for his graphs and most of all Helen and Paula for their ongoing support of my work with the make-shift project.

Dave's Quiz (part 2) was developed for WWW: World Wild Web. Drop in to Furtherfield's gallery in Finsbury Park, London and participate in all the wonderful and wild work between 18 Oct-1 Dec 2012 (unless you're already there ...)